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 Author Chris Grooms announces the release of his third full-length high fantasy novel in the Tales From Gaiand series – Rise of the Arch Mage. Rise of the Arch Mage features Jamison McGregor’s cover art and cartographs and continues the adventures following Ripley’s Keep’s conclusion.


Fighters. Clerics. Sorcerers. Rangers. Rogues. Demons.


Mora and her troop flee from Ripley’s Keep with the Helm and Hammer of Valaaham in their possession. Hunted by orcs and a mysterious demon, they ride south in haste. Unfortunately, their path to Auroryies leads them through the treacherous Border Lands and into the Highlands. With each step, Mora’s fear to accept her father’s mantle escalates. It is a burden that will change her life and alter Gaiand’s course forever. What awaits our heroes when they return to Auroryies? Duplicity? Danger? The Staff of the Arch Mage?


He will have copies of all the books available.


Chris Grooms is a high fantasy writer blessed with a vivid imagination. He has published Tales From Gaiand – Legends of Blackhawk and Tales From Gaiand – Ripley’s Keep. His next novel, Tales From Gaiand – The Wraith is scheduled for release during 2024. He has recently appeared on the Bald & Balding and All Things Writing YouTube broadcasts. Chris retired from the U.S. Marines in 2008 and settled in Stafford County with his family.

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