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African Musk on my forehead...unwrapping my pink shroud

Friday, May 29 at 8:00pm to 9:00pm

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"Hey, why are all you Black Muslims sitting together in this cafeteria?” jokes Adesimbo as she joins a gathering of women at the local Islamic center during Ramadan. As the women crowd around the table to share their meal, many discussions abound about aging as black women

Yasmeen, middle aged and recently divorced, Abida confident in her piousness, Najeeba an intellectual scholar and Intisar, a woman accepting of her role as a second wife, all seem to feel loss of the power of beauty through physical changes of aging, but agree that this is not necessarily bad.  Whereas Beatrice, a woman shaped by growing up in 1940’s Alabama and Maryam, a widow from an abusive past feel that aloneness is the plight of Black women as they age.

A comment by 92 year old Hanifah, not to give up on life before their time, which prompts  militant Adesimbo to share a quote meant to inspire by Dr. ‘Bahiyah’.  Surprisingly, this sparks a heated debate that nearly spirals out of control.  How, could or did - any of the life experiences of Dr. Betty Shabazz influence or even shape these women’s eldering decisions individually or possibly collectively as ‘Black” Muslim women in America?

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