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Reynolds Gallery-1514 W Main St. Richmond VA Free Event
Free Event

Reynolds Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Arrive, a solo presentation of new drawings in ink and watercolor from Paul Ryan. The exhibition opens Friday, January 13, 2023, with a reception for the artist from 5:00–7:00 pm on Friday, January 20, 2023. The show will run through March 03, 2023.

With this new body of work, Ryan investigates awareness, immediacy, presence, and perspective. The pieces presented in Arrive function as a sort of daily diary (archive/catalogue), documenting and reflecting the artist’s encounters with nature and natural elements. Here, Ryan confronts the nature of “being” with an understanding of the nature of “becoming.” By abstracting objects and landscapes into compositions featuring soft washes of color, high-contrast areas of ink, and applying an attention to negative space, the artist draws the essence of existence into focus. 

Statement from the Artist

For over twenty years a central theme of my studio practice has been a critique of hyper-capitalism, including acknowledgements of our entrapment within its cultural labyrinth and our complicity in its means. While this work continues to be important to me, I am also practicing a form of perception and intuitive response that is more participatory and reciprocal—an approach to daily life that acknowledges an animistic universe and the "intertwined web of experience," as philosopher and ecologist David Abram has described it.

The title of this exhibition, Arrive, is a word that has become meaningful to me in the past year—one that initially came to my attention through a series of yoga videos where the instructor asks the student to "arrive" at one's mat or sometimes when one moves into new/different poses—to pay attention to one's body, thoughts, and emotions in the transitions. Arrive also relates to John Cage's simple/profound definition of art as "paying attention"—a concept that I have embraced in my studio practice and teaching for many years. And, this word relates to Dinah’s and my arrival at our family cottage on Sand Bay (Beaver Island, MI) in the summer and the simple practice/pattern of making art based upon what I casually collect during walks along the beach and in the woods—modest forms like sun-bleached plant roots, wild flowers, stones—and then working intuitively with these objects in my studio there, focusing on their aliveness and fluidity. In the middle of the new/old chaos of our current strange and strained times, I am cultivating ways to see, acknowledge, and hang on to beauty.

 -Paul Ryan, November 2022

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