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Church Hill Tunnel Audio Walking Tour - take on your own time!

Saturday, August 1

Church Hill Tunnel Tour illuminates underground story that many Richmonders don’t know

Richmond Story House, a local nonprofit located in Church Hill, recently launched their second streaming audio walking tour. The tour guides the listener from Libby Hill Park to Jefferson Park, following the trail of the tunnel below and telling the story of its late 1800s construction and 1925 collapse.  The narrative, written and spoken by RSH founder Rachel Pater, is accompanied with original music by Wells Hanley and other local artists.  

Because the tour can be taken on your own time, it is a social distance-approved activity.  The tour is free to take, with a sliding scale suggested donation if you enjoy it and want to further RSH’s work.  

For more information and to take the tour, visit www.  

Libby Hill Park
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