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anne's Visual Art Studio gallery Proudly Announces 

“Got Game?”: A Mixed Media Interactive Group Exhibition, 

Curated by Helene Ruiz is on display 

February 2 - April 12, 2024 with

Opening Reception First Friday March 1 from 6-9PM.

Doors open 4PM. This event will be filmed by David James Opening Night March 1, 2024.


Many Artists will be Available First Friday for Interviews and Photography. More info below.

Free and Open to the Public


 “Got Game?”

Mixed Media Interactive Group Exhibition Curated by Helene Ruiz


Opening Reception First Friday March 1, 2024 from 6-9PM with Live Poetry Readings by Dorothy Rice, Monica Hill, Kayla Bryson and Gloria Holwerda-Williams from 7-8pm,  Improvisational Percussion performed by the multi-talented Mr. Orisegun Bennett-Olomidun and a Raffle you do not need to be present to Win!


This Event will be filmed on March 1st Opening Night by David James. Light Refreshments & Cash Drinks.


Featuring visual artworks by Robert Billings, Josue' Fred, Amy Bryan, Keith Duncan, Gloria Holwerda-Williams, Dorothy Rice, Orisegun Bennett-Olomidun, Naomi Cordova, Helene Ruiz (curator) and Anne Hart Chay (gallery owner).


With a special exhibit of collaborative works from the game of "Exquisite Corpse" by: Tahanie Medina and Tanisha Medina/ Helene Ruiz and Dorothy Rice/Helene Ruiz and Orisegun Bennett-Olomidun/Gloria and Martin Holwerda/Amy Bryan and Keith Duncan/ Naomi Cordova & Helene Ruiz, Anne Hart Chay & Naomi Cordova.


There are all kinds of games as we all know and they date back to the ancient humans. They are a part of all cultures as one of the oldest forms of human social interaction. They are expressions of play which allow people to go beyond imagination and physical activity. Games include the uncertainty of outcome, rules, competition, chance, goals and also personal enjoyment. Then there are the other types of games such as; the games people tend to play with one another that evade, deceive, or misinform (about something) in order to manipulate them or achieve some desired outcome. There are the games that people can play in order to cheat or deceive another and are dishonest about what they know or intend to do in order to gain an advantage. There are the games of the occult, some that claim to connect us to those that have crossed over and can relay messages between us and those who have passed. Some claim to be able use their game to help you find love, to get what you want or change the course of a foreseen or unforeseen possible outcome. Other games can claim to see future, past or present and intend to direct people in seeing what their future holds, in their decision making and/or to help confirm their intuitions. In this group exhibition we seek to explore the many forms of "games" in different aspects of their meaning or intent by using a variety of mediums and styles. Additionally, the exhibit will also explore the darker side of games such as game addictions, manipulation and the impact it has on society and individuals. So many Games! So who wants to play!?


Curator's Statement:

"My vision for this group art exhibit is to explore the various themes and inspirations behind games in all their forms, including board games, card games, mind games and more. Each artist will use their medium of choice to explore the concept of games and how they relate to our everyday lives. The exhibit will feature a diverse range of mediums, including painting, mixed media, and installations, as well as interactive elements such as playable games. Each artist will be encouraged to push the boundaries of their medium and explore new techniques and styles in order to create thought-provoking and impactful works. Some of the exhibiting artists have collaborated with one another in a game invented by the Surrealists in the 1900s called The Exquisite Corpse. The visual collaboration results will be on exhibit and the written collaborative game result will be read at the end of the poetry performances on March 1st formal opening. We will explain how this exquisite corpse game is played so all can understand the concept, the fun and the beauty of it. At the main reception on March 1st, the exhibit will also include interactive elements, such as game demonstrations and an exquisite corpse written game for the audience to be a part of that will be read once completed during the live poetry. This will further engage viewers and spark conversation. I want to ensure a balance of perspectives, and this exhibition will include both established and emerging artists. By featuring a range of artists, I hope to encourage a dialogue about the importance of games in art and culture and how it reflects on society and individuals.

Through this exhibit, I aim to showcase the power of games to inspire and connect people, and to inspire viewers to see the world through a new lens, and to find the game in their own lives." - Helene Ruiz


Helene Ruiz is an Artist, Activist, and Bronx NY transplant. She brings her vision of "The Urban Individualists" to Got Game? on display February 2- April 12, 2024 at anne's Visual Art Studio gallery in the Richmond Arts District Historic RVA. Ruiz has exhibited and has been published from Richmond, Va to NYC. Her artwork is in private collections throughout the U.S. Helene Ruiz currently resides in Richmond, VA. More about Ruiz here: https;//


A recent publication from her Pandemic Painting Series:


"Exquisite Corpse"

​. One of the features of "Got Game?" is a Special Exhibit of collaborative works from the game of "Exquisite Corpse" by: Tahanie Medina and Tanisha Medina/ Helene Ruiz and Dorothy Rice/ Helene Ruiz and Orisegun Bennett-Olomidun/ Gloria and Martin Holwerda/ Amy Bryan and Keith Duncan/ Naomi Cordova and Helene Ruiz, Anne Hart Chay and Naomi Cordova.


MoMA describes "Exquisite Corpse" as a game in which each participant takes turns writing or drawing on a sheet of paper, folding it to conceal his or her contribution, and then passing it to the next player for a further contribution. The game gained popularity in artistic circles during the 1920s when it was adopted as a technique by artists of the Surrealist movement to generate collaborative compositions.


AIGA Tampa Bay describes "Exquisite Corpse" as a vintage drawing game that was played by surrealists such as Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray in the 1920s. Based on an old parlor game called Consequences that broke a story down into a set structure, Exquisite Corpse breaks down a drawing of a body into three sections: a head, torso, and legs. By keeping each section a surprise from the next person, the combinations become spontaneous and outrageous.



“The Game Project” Graciously Donated by Helene Ruiz is being Raffled to support Gallery Programming, 36” x 45” (image above cropped) Mixed Media Found Object Collage on Wood, Value $1,800.


$5 Each, 3 For $10.

Do Not Need To Be Present To Win Raffle.



Drawing To Be Held 2nd Saturday April 13, 2024.


Buy Raffle Tickets Now!


More information please contact Anne Hart Chay by reply or (804) 644-1368

Thank you for your continued support!

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