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June/July gallery exhibitions

Sunday, July 19, 2020 at 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Artspace Gallery in Manchester announces the reopening of our exhibition spaces for visitors. The gallery is Thursday-Sunday each week from noon to 4pm through Sunday, July 19.

Physical exhibitions opening on June 26th include oil paintings by Laurie Hoen and an exhibition of work by six Artspace artist members including Santa Sergio De Haven, Carol Meese, Dana Frostick, Vickye Payton, Jere Kittle and Paul “Buddy” Terrell

About the June/July exhibitions

Laurie Hoen’s solo gallery show, What Lies Beneath Our Wings? features allegories in Oil Paintings. Laurie states, “My art is idea driven, combining simple, easy to read images that, when layered rhythmically or symbolically, add meaning to each other. I’m asking questions about social justice and environmental stewardship, exploring what is in the shadows of belief rather than settling on the high contrasts of our contemporary society. ...My work asks if our disquiet over racism, climate change, violence or social injustice can be shaped into a concrete image of our personal involvement in social change.”

Six artist members artwork physically on view in the gallery. Santa Sergio De Haven shows her work in progress as an installation, including recent collage and text. Carol Meese features 20 or so large un stretched canvases that will be freely hung in the Main gallery. Dana Frostick presents several recently completed paintings and in progress works from her continuing Elaborate Doodles series. Vickye Payton presents a single piece, titled Washday which will be displayed as an installation. Jere Kittle shows, Junk Drawer: Stay-Home Project #3, a photographic installation. Paul Terrell’s Naked Still Life groupings feature white and black Raku fired bottles.  Ten bottles are gathered in smaller still life groupings that personify our current social spacing in homage to Giorgo Morandi’s work.

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