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Katie Barrie, Claes Oldenburg, and David Freed

Friday, February 21, 2020 at 10:00am to 5:00pm

Reynolds Gallery is pleased to announce three exhibitions premiering January 10, 2020.

From Katie Barrie comes her first solo exhibition at the gallery; “On Vacation” compiles a series of intensely pigmented paintings on canvas. In her works, Barrie crafts scenes of compressed space rendered in acidic hues of matte acrylic, combining iconic patterns with architectural details and pop culture references to examine the modern invention of opulent waterside vacations.

Also on view are a series of etchings and lithographs in color from artist Claes Oldenburg, dating from the 1970s into the late 1990s. These works reveal Oldenburg’s fascinating depictions of seemingly mundane objects – like perfume bottles, matchsticks, and lightbulbs – which are rendered with anthropomorphic and oftentimes humorous characteristics. Among these works are several examples of the artist’s take on iconic symbols of American culture.

Finally, David Freed presents “Some Portraits,” an exhibition which brings together over three dozen portraits produced between 1990 and 2019. Drawing inspiration from the people in his life, Freed develops intimate print-based works with a distinct personal aesthetic. Layers of etchings and mixed media techniques work to convey the essence of his subject, rather than striving for photorealistic accuracy. Freed’s touch and eye for color lends to the subtlety and undoubted sincerity present in each piece.

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