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Local Artist Display at the East End Branch Library

Friday, November 1, 2019 at 10:00am to 8:00pm

Come to the East End Branch Library and see mosaic paintings and other pieces from Church Hill artists and members of the Hillians Art League, Scott Tilghman and Karen Rudolph!

Of her art, Karen says "My favorite part of the creative process is the detail. Meticulous refinements to details still bring out my nocturnal tendencies to lose track of the serene wee hours, just like I did in the all-nighters that completed high school arts class assignments in my hometown of Reading, PA."

Regarding his mosaic paintings, prolific artist Scott says "Like a moth drawn to a street light, I am drawn to all the colors in everything around me. I was trained to fill the entire canvas with paint, so as a personal challenge I started leaving small gaps between the colors as I painted. Culminating in a mosaic style of painting. The white you see is actually the natural white of the gesso canvas. The “Femme” or women series are my response to the importance of women in art (Matisse and Warhol) the still life paintings are studies that help me work out ideas for larger paintings. The abstracts are color images in my mind that fight their way out of my creative self to the canvas. The landscapes are my way of forcing a viewer to see colors in things around them. I have been using French to title my mosaics simply because I can (thanks to Bing translator) and I find it amusing."

About the Hillians Art League: A    little    over  five    years    ago,    a    group    of  neighbors  began  to  meet  in  Shockoe  Bottom to paint and create things. Slowly, week after week, as new people came and went, and new projects were started and finished,  the  Hillians  emerged  as  a  supportive and encouraging micro-community of artists. Named  after  the  many  hills  of  Richmond  (and  since  many  members  live  in  Church  Hill)  they  are an eclectic group inspired by diverse things - nature, flowers, city life, Russian folklore, Italian landscapes, as well as each other.  When   founding   member   Nadya   Warthen-Gibson  moved  to  Richmond  and  asked  her  neighborhood if anyone would be interested in meeting up to create, she planted a seed that has  manifested  into  an  exciting  and  life-giving  network  for  creative  people  of  all  kinds,  levels,  ages and persuasions. The Hillians welcome you to join them Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm at 324 N. 27th Street.

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