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PAAL Friday For The Arts!

Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 9:00am to 1:00pm

In the Main Gallery, Three Faces of Art: Cynthia Profitt Cornett with Jerry and Pat Harvey

Jerry and Pat live in Chester with four cats, two Mini Coopers, a 100-year old gold harp, and a desire to “Unleash their creative Kraakens.” After 30 years as an Army dentist, Jerry transferred his skills at the dental chair into building useful, affordable art and furniture from exotic woods.  He has won several awards for his furniture and wood turnings, which are warm and touchable. After 30 years as a college administrator and instructor, Pat has fully embraced her eccentricity by creating abstract and fantasy art in her home studio.

Cynthia Cornett is an award winning artist from the Richmond area. Her colorful paintings show a distinctive personal style which expresses the vibrant spirit of her world through ink and photography. Cynthia is self taught and believes you can do and create anything if you put in time and practice. Her artwork can be found at Artworks and has been accepted into shows at Crossroads Gallery, Artworks Gallery, For Art Sake Gallery and the JCC of Greater Richmond.

All three artists are members of the Central Virginia Art League, and share Studio #106 at Art Works in Richmond.

And upstairs, in the Member's Gallery, Svetlana Sevostyanchik, born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1964. Her path has covered many roads. It began in science and business, but later in life she chose to follow her passion and dreams from childhood - to paint! Svetlana is also an art instructor. She has successfully completed 8 International Exhibitions in both Kiev, and Lviv, Ukraine. 

Sevostyanchik loves displaying her work to her friends in the comfort of her own home. She invites those who acquire her work to experience the joy she feels in creating art. To Sevostyanchik, it is very important to keep the inner child at hand. She believes that one should always attack life with the exuberance and excitement of a child by not placing limitations on their dreams. Her ultimate goal is for her work to inspire motion in those who have the opportunity to experience it. 

Sevostyanchik’s painting style, according to the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, is defined as emotional expressionism. This is sometimes achieved at the expense of sharpened, grotesque, and deliberate deformation of the typical architypal forms. Her creations apply intensive saturation, combined with chaotic placement of objects, and tell an emotional story of vision. The subjects are derived from everyday life, folklore, mythology, history, religion, and imagination.

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