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September-October Exhibits at Crossroads Art Center

Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Crossroads Art Center has the privilege of hosting the opening reception for the following featured exhibitions. Come to explore our new exhibitions and discover your next favorite artist.

Exploring Imagination in Collage

Pablo Picasso declared collage to be the only new “fine art” in recent times.  That was over 100 years ago.  He said that collage allowed artists to use their own imaginations instead for adhering to established methods.  “Collage sets you free”, said Picasso, “There are no rules…”

The Virginia Collage Society often works with the National Collage Society on projects or independently.  Some of our themes have been “Keep Virginia Beautiful”, “Jamestown Revisited”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Flowers and Still Life”, and “Voting in America”.   Most often, however, we enjoy reaching into our own imaginations and creativity, and sharing what we find with each other.  The comments and praise that we often receive from our exhibits is usually for our diversity and broad use of materials.  We hope you will enjoy our explorations.

Featured Art from Two Rivers Art Workshop

New featured artworks from the Two Rivers Art Workshops hosted throughout the year, headed by Pat Troiani and Janice Jones. Come check out the work at Crossroads Art Center and see what the students have created.

Art Educator as Artist

Art educators, administrators, and other art education professionals of the central region of Virginia are showcasing their personal artwork of a variety of media. 

Wednesday Night Painting Group

It is interesting how people’s paths cross in life.  Sometimes in those interactions we find a common thread of interest. That interest can spark a closeness which brings friendship and a sense of purpose.

This is how the Wednesday Night Painting Group has gotten together. We are kindred spirits that have a passion for sharing art.  Most have met along life’s journey by taking local art classes. We enjoy one another’s company and find we all share a common love of art, and a drive to creative art in our lives.  We inspire each other in our art as well as those things that happen in life. We share our support, dreams and wishes.  In our Wednesday night painting sessions, we offer suggestions and critiques of each other’s work.  There are many times the insight of another artist is helpful.  We know we can depend on our group to help answer those questions with honesty and knowledge.

For more information, please contact Savannah Ball, Manager and Marketing Specialist at

Exhibition Dates: September 21, 2018 – November 4, 2018.

Exhibition Hours: Mondays – Saturdays 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Sundays 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Featured Artwork: 

Melanie Kluender "Out Of Darkness", Mixed Media with Stitching, 12" x 12" 

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