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Sovthern Gothic Fvtvrist Haiku Slam

Friday, October 11, 2019 at 7:00pm to 9:00pm

The only ingredients you need for a solid haiku slam - at the bare minimum - are 8 competitors, 3 judges, and 1 host. Raven Mack has held haiku slam space in a multitude of environments (schools, jails, galleries, bars, book stores, and tea houses, as well as in the wild), and is always open to sharing their creative vision with new audiences.

Bring 20-25 Haiku to compete in main competition, Entrance to compete or to watch is free. If you only hav a few haiku you can compete in the battle royale. There will also be  a LifeMatch between Raven Mack and a pre-selected opponent.  Prizes for winners.


Reach out if interested in having a Southern Gothic Futurist Haiku Slam of your own (ravenmack at gmail dotcom). It is a unique environment that I take great pride in helping hold and create for collective expression of our own internal voices.


Electric Nomad Dance Studio
123 E Main St Richmond, VA 23219

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