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Your Writing Journey: Shoot for the Stars

Saturday, August 7 at 10:00am to 2:00pm

The Virginia Writer’s Club is hosting its annual symposium. The event is geared to move an author’s career forward.  Please can you post this in the community events section of your paper? 

This year’s theme is Your Writing Journey: Shoot for the Stars

The keynote speaker is Jane Friedman. She has been working in book publishing since the mid-1990s. She offers clear and honest guidance to make the best choices for your career in this rapidly changing industry. Through her books, reporting and classes, she offers you a signal amidst the noise.


In addition to Jane Friedman, there will be sixteen classes/lectures/workshops offered.  Listed below are the sixteen guest speakers and the topics they will share.

Jack Trammell – Non-Fiction Editing Techniques James Cole – Literary Slapfighting Solveig Eggerz – Storytelling: Gateway into your Writing Cass Morris – Choose, Don’t Presume: Level up your SFF Worldbuilding Elizabeth Spragins – Teaching Your Words to Dance (Poetry) David M Simms – Writing Thrillers – How to Twist High Concept Plots, Memorable Characters, and Settings into Page-Turners. Katharine Gotthardt, John Dutton & Rebecca Sosa – Writing & Marketing Your Children’s Book April Michelle Davis – Critiquing Your First Pages Pamela K Kinney – How You Engage and How Your Signing Table Looks Drives Sales for You Chris Register – Concise Syntax & Clear Prose Susan Williamson – Writing Side Gigs: How to Finance Ink, Paper, and Submission Fees David Godwin – An Introduction to IngramSpark David Kudler – The Power of Where: Place, Settings, and the Hero’s Adventure Jenna Harte – 6 Easy Ways to Massively Improve your Writing Betsy Ashton – Creating and Executing a Book Launch Plan Rick Hodges – “Write Dialogue Like an Expert,” he said.

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Club members $50.00, non-members $60.00 advance


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