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American Civil War Museum

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The mission of The American Civil War Museum is to be the preeminent center for the exploration of the American Civil War and its legacies from multiple perspectives: Union and Confederate,
enslaved and free African Americans, soldiers and civilians.

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Book Talk with Richard Bell: "Stolen"
2/1 1pm

Uncover the amazing true story of five boys who were kidnapped in the North and smuggled into slavery in the Deep South—and their daring attempt to escape...

History Happy Hour: Enough to Vote
2/10 6:30pm

The war to end slavery was won with the passage of the 13th Amendment, but the struggle for suffrage raged on. Voting rights, political power, and “simply...

Book Talk with LeeAnna Keith: "When It was Grand"
2/29 1pm

Discover the story of the Radical Republicans―the champions of abolition who helped found a new political party and insisted that it and nation live up to a...

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