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Art for the Journey

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Art for The Journey is a nonprofit organization that promotes the well-being and healing of children and adults through creative expression, with a special focus on people who otherwise do not have such opportunities available due to status (e.g., people in prison), physical circumstances (e.g., residents of assisted living and nursing homes, those in permanent housing for the homeless), geography (i.e., remote areas where art materials and/or instructors are not available), special needs (those receiving medical treatment, those with physical or mental disabilities), or financial hardship

Programs are provided by accomplished artists and other qualified instructors within the context of an appreciation of the developmental, emotional, and psychological benefits of art expression. Focus is on the communal experience of creating forms of art and celebrating the joy, learning, and resultant achievement that flows from creativity. We believe the “right brain” nature of artistic expression develops a sense of personal space, peace, perspective, and creative satisfaction contributing to confidence and self-esteem, qualities known to enrich life.

The organization provides weekly studio classes, regional day-long and residential workshops, weekly classes at The Carmel School and twice monthly art classes at the State Women’s Correctional Center in Goochland, VA. Additional programs have been held for mental health clients at The Lakeside Center in Richmond.  Art for the Journey also provides art classes to the residents at Marywood Elderly Apartments each week.  On March 18, 2016 Art for the Journey will bring O.M.A., a National Best Practice for people with Dementia  and Alzheimers at Saint Mary’s Woods Retirement Community.

Mark Hierholzer, President/CEO of Art for The Journey, is an accomplished visual artist and former mental health professional with 40 years experience leading hospital and community based programs for children, adolescents and adults.

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