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Richmond, Virginia's KARAR DANCE COMPANY is a modern and contemporary dance company led by Artistic Director Kara Robertson, a Richmond native and VCU alumna.

Through powerful, deep-rooted modern dance performance, KARAR DANCE COMPANY investigates the complexity of human emotion and experience.  Highly physical and athletic movers engulf the space in which each dance journey lives. KDC believes that dance positively impacts the community and its inhabitants.  We seek to engage and connect with the people of Richmond and beyond via performance and education.

As KARAR DANCE COMPANY continues to grow, we look forward to establishing more opportunities that inspire choreographers and young dancers to continue creating work and performing.

The company debuted April 2017 with an inaugural performance weekend showing two reprised works and two world premieres, including Kaizen, a work that examines the multiple ways in which humans process and react to change.  

KARAR DANCE COMPANY recently collaborated with local, multi-faceted musician Savannah Hatcher to create The Glass Ceiling, an uplifting story that was written to create a conversation about gender equality. 

The company has since presented work at the First Annual Artist Showcase at the Barns of Kanak in Prince George, Virginia and at Gallery Edit for Sessions: Affected engaging with audience members through round-table discussion and is set to present their second self-produced concert featuring a world premiere, with an original score by Ryan Davis, in the Fall of 2018 at the Grace Street Theater in RVA.

KARAR DANCE COMPANY most recently founded Homegrown Choreographers, an initiative that supports dance makers living and presenting work across America.

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