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Linda Hollett-Bazouzi

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Look, look, look...It used to be the first written words we learned: "Look, Dick, look." "See, Jane, see."

Do you ever look behind you...above you, below you, to your left or right? How many breath-taking sunsets have you missed because you were driving east in the evening, or you were too busy thinking about work to see the moon setting in the morning? Have you ever wished you had your camera with you to capture that moment, or—and this is the big one—never appreciated a view until a building went up in front of it, or a bulldozer plowed it under? Haunted by such events, I try to capture those moments, those views, before they disappear. 

Whenever possible I paint en plein air, with a painting knife and water-soluble oils. When you look at my paintings, realize that some of them represent views that have already changed, and not for the better. While expressing my impressions of the sensory stimulations, I am also documenting that which is all around me—realistic impressions, if you will. And all the while, feeling time move on. 

 Tick, tock, tick, tock…

I maintain a working studio at Fulton Hill Studios in Richmond, Virginia.

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