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Science Pub RVA

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Curious Minds - Short Talks - Spirited Discussion

Science Pub RVA connects curious minds and creative thinkers over a sip of some sort.

Learn a little something when one or more experts walks into a bar and talks about scientific ideas using plain language.

Science Pub RVA works with researchers and educators to develop programs that bring scientific concepts, processes and findings out of the lab and into the public sphere in a way that encourages the public to engage with scientific ideas.  We strengthen scientists’ abilities to communicate what they do, what they know, and why it matters.  Our aim is to broaden the Richmond citizenry that is informed by science, convinced of its value, and engaged with its applications. 

Science Pub RVA has featured 67 scientific thinkers from a variety of topics from black holes to brain cells, Founded in 2012, Science Pub RVA is the longest running active science cafe in Virginia.  Science Pub RVA programs are presented by VPM Science Matters and produced by Absorb Something Productions LLC.

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Education, Science/Technology, Cultural

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