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St. John's Church

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Since 1938, St. John’s Church Foundation has preserved this historic property as a tangible connection to our founding fathers and as host to a defining moment in our nation’s history. Here Patrick Henry delivered his famous “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!” speech to the Second Virginia Convention of March 1775. Present were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee, and many other landed gentlemen who altered the course of our nation. Our programs bring to life the events that led to the American Revolution and allow us to maintain and preserve St. John's Church for future generations.

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Interpreter Andrew Keehan
9/27 1pm

Hear the Story of Patrick Henry and his "Give Me Liberty or Give me Death!" speech from inside the place where it happened. Come inside Historic St. John's...

Executive Director Sarah Whiting
10/31 11am

DEATH IS A GRIM TYRANT: UNFORTUNATE WAYS TO DIE IN EARLY RICHMOND St. John's Church Foundation Executive Director Sarah Whiting hosts a tour of Richmond’s...

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