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The Tin Pan

The Tin Pan is a Music, Events, and Concert Venue located in the West End of Richmond, VA.

8982 Quioccasin Rd, Richmond, VA 23229

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(804) 447-8189





Upcoming Events

The Bob Band - Tribute to Bob Dylan
1/18 8pm

The music, the vibe, the legend We are five accomplished musicians playing the songs of living legend Bob Dylan with the feel and arrangements of the...

Scott Miller
1/19 8pm

“I wanted to call this record Thalia and Melpomene after the Greek muses (the smiley/frowny faces of the theatre) but my manager Kathi Whitley said, ‘You...

Josh Christina
1/20 7pm

If you’re a fan of 1950’s rock n’ roll, Josh Christina will restore your confidence in the ability of youngsters to carry on the great tradition of rock’s...

Peter Asher & Jeremy Clyde
1/24 8pm

"The duo oozed a refreshing abundance of natural English good humor and charm as they told tale after tale from their fabled careers...their voices blended...

Early Elton
1/25 8pm

A celebration of Elton John's '70 - '72 Trio Tours A Rock n’ Roll archaeological dig is underway, as Early Elton pays tribute to the Elton John, Dee Murray...

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