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University of Richmond

University of Richmond is a private, highly selective, liberal arts university on a 350-acre suburban campus in Richmond, Va. Founded in 1830. The university has five schools offering undergraduate, master’s, and law degrees.

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Iterations: Contemporary Approaches to Drawing
1/18 1pm

The artists featured in this exhibition challenge traditional, representational approaches to drawing and work with media and techniques not often associated...

The Personal is Political: Images of Women from the Harnett Print Study Center Collection
1/18 1pm

The prints in the exhibition depict women either enacting or struggling against "roles" defined by society.

Turtles in Time: From Fossils to the Present
1/18 1pm

The exhibition features more than 50 fossil turtle specimens from around the world.

Unexpected Smiles: Seven Types of Humor in Japanese Paintings
1/18 1pm

Featuring 48 paintings on hanging scrolls, the works in the exhibition illustrate humor developed in Japan from the 1700s to the early 1900s. The 7...

WAR-DROBE: Fantasy & Exaggeration in Contemporary Japanese Fashion
1/18 1pm

The exhibition features clothing by four leading contemporary Japanese fashion designers. Ranging in date from 1990 to the present, the works focus on...

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